in Kämpinge. With exhibitions about and with amber, jetsam, archaeological finds. A store selling amber jewelry.

July, 17 2012

Amber Museum

When I walk from the bus stop opens up a cloud and water is pouring down over me. At the car park to the Amber Museum is an exhibition of flotsam art, pretty fun. To the museum, which is located next to a cornfield, is a gravel road. At the entrance is different flotsam, e.g. a collection of shoes. Also information on various ancient sites in Sweden and the world. Go into the store, pay 20 crowns in entry fee. Admiring amber jewelry, I think Amber has a beautiful luster. Buying a clapper to have on a keychain.

Inside the museum is a wall with amber with plant parts and insects trapped in the resin for millions of years ago the resin that became amber. Amber occur in different colors. Rough Amber is in a booth, it is much more beautiful as polished. Amber amulet was used against all sorts of ailments. A large lump of resin of 23 kg which likely is from a wrecked merchant, and would be used to pitch and varnish.

A department with findings of bones, wreckage, and archaeological finds of tools. The area has been inhabited for a long time. Various things, a mixed bag. Some as a result of failed golf shot.

Kämpinge embankment and a bonehead.

In a sheep pasture opposite is an ancient monument in the form of low ridges, Kämpinge embankment. Vallen said to be from the late Viking Age and early Middle Ages, perhaps surrounded a trading place. I climb over a low stile and go in to look at the ancient monument. Two sheep grazing peacefully in the pasture. One of them comes up and puffer friendly to me, which sheeps often tend to do. I itch it in the pan. Nah, hey, do not hit so hard on me! A bit heavy-handed. Retreats against the stile. The sheep skulls me easily. At the stile is a loose stump as first step. Steps up on it when BONK. Ouch! The sheep make a heavy hit on the part I sit on. The stump dumps, and I fall down with one leg between stile steps and the fence. Fasten. Do not get loose, the bone that sits in a vise. I'm waiting for the coup de grace. It do not come. With difficulty I manage to loose my leg from the vise, and crawl over the stile. The sheep look a little ashamed at me. I go down to the sea for swimming.

Feels strange in the leg. Looking down, the pant leg is red. Of blood. Gently lift my pant leg and see blood seeping from a deep wound on the tibia. Can see into the white tibia. Ouch, it hurts. It's probably best not to go swimming with it. Links back to the bus stop and take the bus back home. The bus stops near my clinic back home.  I am going in there to ask what to do with the wound.  A nice nurse bandage me. Clean, do not sew, pull the wound together with surgical tape, and then a bandage. "You will have a beautiful scar." Then I limp home. The back side are in yellow and blue. I feel like a bonehead.

Bärnstensmuseet (Amber Museum)