Brösarps norra backar
rolling hillsides at Brosarp. A moorland with beautiful vegetation.

April 25, 2014
Parking in the yard of the Brösarp inn. Have booked a room for the night there. Drive the wrong entrance, which confuses another guest. Check in. Then go to the cafe Smulan near the ICA store and buy cardamom buns for the excursion. Following Skåneleden west towards Brösarps northern slopes. On the slope towards Verke river flowers some cowslip and pasqueflower. Coming up to the road to Kristianstad. Difficult to follow the markings. Markings are along the road towards Brösarp. Probably wrong since some are painted over. It does not matter, go across the road and then a stile onto the slopes.

Be warned about cattle, but they are on the other side of the river. Beautiful soft surface. Gently rolling heath and sandy ground. The woman at the reception at the inn warned that there is no paths and can be difficult to find the way. Looked perhaps lost out. The slopes provide nice views. A height is covered with cowslip. A slope is covered with Eastern Groundsel. A lot of saxifrage blossom. A carpet with small white flowers. A stone wall showing the way up to the highest height. The slope is divided by a hollow. Here is heather, becomes beautiful when it blooms. Having lunch in the hollow sheltered from the somewhat chilly east wind. Half asleep for a long time.

Wakes up, goes via a juniper groove down to the river. Following Skåneleden from the hills to the parking Piraten. Get lost again where the trail crosses the road. Run quickly across. Go down to the river for coffee with cardamom buns. Go a bit along the river. Then up to the trail and back to the inn.

The evening is devoted to the dinner "Gästgifvaremiddag": nettle soup, veal entrecote, suitable wine. Then sleep well in the comfortable bed.