a deciduous wooded stream valley to the north of the lake Vombsjön. Here was the Battle of Borst 1644, 'färsingarnas blood colored the brook red'. Growing Venue for ramson and oxlip.

11 May 2020: Ramsons and Oxlip.
Two cars are in the parking lot, they are so stupidly parked that there is no room for another car. Despite the fact that the parking lot holds significantly more. Fortunately, one is leaving so there is suddenly plenty of space. Walks the road up to the nature reserve. Oops, our shortcut through the woods is partly clear-cut. A Genista blooms in the middle of the forest. Struggle on slope down to the stream where it flows under the old railway embankment. There is a carpet with flowering ramsons. The scent and sight are outstanding. Some oxlips also bloom there, although they are at the end of their flowering. We try to get upstream of the brook. A mint grows in the brook. It is inaccessible to walk because many trees have fallen and the path that once existed is overgrown. We go up to and over the clear-cut and then follow the road instead down to the stream further upstream. Along the road is the timber from the clear-cut. From there, follow the brook downstream as best you can, sometimes on what was once a path, sometimes completely free. Cross the river at a place, nice with ramsons on the other side as well. Go over again. Magnificent with ramsons along the stream and a lot of oxlip in the forest. It is so nice. Sometimes have to step over fallen trees, ometimes make detours. But we arrive at the end where the stream meets the embankment. How nice. Then goes up through the beech forest to the road back to the parking lot.

September 23, 2018: An eternal tree.
We're looking for mushrooms. Don't know if there is someone in the forests. Takes the first road to the right after the parking lot. Not much mushroom, none at all, but find a large large tree that is marked as an eternal tree. Fine. Turns and walk the roads down to the stream. It has been a dry and hot summer. Hardly any water in the stream. Sitting with a cup of coffee near the small bridge over the brook. Then we walk up the west side of the valley, follow the edge south but fallen trees make it difficult to get through. Down to the brook again, which we follow, we can walk in the brook because there is hardly any water. Going up the west side again, slipping through the forest up from the valley. Coming soon to the small road that was the railway bank. On the other side a house, a spruce forest without fungus. Follows the road across the old wailway bridge over the stream back to the car.

May 10, 2015: Oxlips and ramsons.
At the last visit a year ago was a pregnancy test at the parking lot. Had no use of it. Today it's gone. Then was the oxlip overbloom and ramsons bloom. Hopefully bloom oxlip this time. Rape blossoms, bird cherry blossoms. Walk the road taking the left on the way down to the creek. Already there are large populations of flowering oxlip in the woods to the right of way. The path goes south. Very many oxlips. Really get to see it in bloom. Ramsons do not bloom yet, standing in the bud. In the brook is growing a sort of mint. Finish at the old railway bridge.

May 1, 2012: In search of oxlip.
By road 104 north of Vombsjön is a sign 'nature reserve' that points into a narrow gravel road. Swings in and follow the gravel road. They have done a proper parking to the nature reserve. Walk the road down to the creek Borstbäcken. Where the road bends upstream I go downstream. It is here that oxlip grow, and I hope it blooms right now. It is one of the few places in southern Sweden as it grows wild. It is protected in Skåne. A path goes south. That's right oxlip bloom so nicely. It is right here in plenty. Do also find a golden saxifrage. At the brook bloom Yellow Anemone. I cross the creek a few times, have boots on me. I sit on a rock in the creek with my lunch and enjoying the moment. The water sparkles and trees have mouse ears.

Ramsons leaf are lining the creek. Two women are out on a walk with their dogs. Going downstream along the creek. I approach the old railway bridge over the creek. Struggling my way up the embankment and down the other side. Here you can see the fine stone bridge best. Pelvic glitters towards Vombsjön. I walk up the embankment, follows it to the east and then turns into the woods. Following the trail back to the road. Sit down at the creek, sitting for a long while there. A lovely day.

3 October 2010: Borstbäcken has recently become a nature reserve. By route 104 north of Vombsjön stands a sign 'nature reserve' that points into a narrow dirt road. Drive up and park the car alongside the dirt road. Further on is a barrier. The road goes through woodland. A road runs west down to Borstbäcken. Meet a couple on a bicycle with two dogs. Say "Hello" to them and the dogs. A sign tells about the nature reserve. Autumn leaves have begun their journey towards recycling. Last time I was here was spring 2001, when the the rare Oxlip was blooming. Borstbäcken greet me with a quiet murmuring. A small bridge leads over the creek, go up the slope on the other side. Perhaps a path here? Hard to say. Return back. Follow the creek upstream. A footbridge cross the creek. Use it. The slope on the other side is muddy, I end up at a hunting tower. Return back. The road bends ninety degrees and leave the creek, a trail leads straight ahead. Take it. Ends blindly in a fir tree planting and stone wall. Slipping down the slope to the creek and eat lunch, sandwiches with fried herring. Then continues along the creek, surrounded by steep slopes. Turns around back to the road. Where the trail begins at the road sits a man and woman. I'm invited for cookies. Continue on the narrow road. Fine views of Vombsjön. The roof of the house Bellevue has collapsed since 2001. Walk north at the intersection.

March 25, 1644 was a bloody battle at Borstbäcken. Swedish soldiers crushed a peasant army of 500 people. On the crest of the stream are gun pits of the battle. Go into a sort of path between pine and hardwood forest. Maybe here? Steep and rocky down to the creek, nice, but no pits. Returning to the road. A small sign is pointing into the woods. There they are, the pits, on the crest and with a good view of the valley. A group of mushroom pickers are coming. They have many strange fungi, i.e. not chanterelles, in the basket. Moving on, turn left at an intersection. Crossing an arch bridge, here is a memorial stone commemorating the battle. Goes down during the arch bridge, maybe you can walk back along the creek. Looks difficult. Instead I take a grassy forest road. Pass through forests, partly young forest. To the south at an intersection. According to the map is it a tractorroad, it was probably a while ago. It is a partly overgrown sometimes invisible path. Coming to a field at the edge to the forest, which I follow. I can see the stream down in the valley. Coming out at the embankment for the former railway Harlösa - Bjärsjölagård. Slide down the embankment where it passes over Borstbäcken. There is a pond. Crawl up, and continue on to the road where I parked the car.