Skanörs revlar
sandbank that stretches several kilometers north from Skanör. Known among nudists and ornithologists.

October 26, 2010: Geese lifts when I go past them at Flommen on my way to Skanörs port. I walk across the road to the harbor and continue north towards the sandbanks. Cabanas are winter abandoned. It's just me and the cabanas that look out over the ocean. It is blowing a fresh breeze, small geese on the waves beat into the sandy beach. Seaweed is in on the beach. Do not see any people, but someone has just gone here. The sandbank is at most a few hundred meters wide and extends a few kilometers north, can not be judged from the map because the bank is constantly changing. It seems longer than what the map says. Part of the route is reserved as nude beach, just across the bay Bakdjupet to the east is a nudist camp. It grow various grasses and reeds. The sun plays with the leaves. I'm looking for a small ship wreck , which I read should be here. Do not find it, it has probably been washed away somewhere else. In the north, Oresund Bridge and the wind farm can be seen.

It narrows, it becomes a few meters wide and eventually disappear completely under water. Walk a few meters further, an unexpectedly high wave fills one of my boot with water. Returning to the bank. Looking for birds. This is a bird sanctuary, with access forbidden during breeding times. Now it is empty. No, there is one! Over there is a whole flock. The whole flock takes off, circles around, and lands again. Wonder what that is? Sit down in the lee, eating lunch, drinking coffee and cognac. It is not so bad with an autumn holiday. Going back through the grass on the east side of the bank towards Bakdjupet, can see the Turning Torso stand up. The beach at Bakdjupet is more inaccessible. It is shallow. if you want you can go in the water. Notice that one of my boot leaks. In the south, I see Skanör, with the church and castle ruins, approaching. Now there are more people who are out and moving, especially with dogs.

Want fish. The Fish House at the port is open. Buy smoked herring for the evening. Very happy with my day, I take the bus home.