Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Falsterbo art hall

8/4 2009: As a cat lover, I must just go to Falsterbo and see the exhibition 'March cats' in the art hall. On the way there I see a cat lying under a car, a good start. It is the last weekend of the exhibition. The Art Hall is situated in the former railway station. Outside is a tree and sculptures. In the entrance hall is a cat literally raised to the sky. On one wall is a cat mirrored. In the main hall is a big cat face looking at the visitor. There are many different technologies: ink, coffee (!), Watercolors, oil, lithography, giclee, which I never heard of like collografi. There are also pottery and bronze. Cats are popular. There is much that has red signs telling they have been sold. Some have already been fetched. Prices range from 1000 to 35,000 kronor. We leave the art hall happy with what we have seen, go north on what once was probably a railway embankment. 'Seaweed' informs a sign on a low embankment. Previously was seaweed used as fence. We walk past Flommen golf course on the way to the beach. Now I understand what a driving range is. You buy a bucket of balls from a machine in a shed, then bang them out on a lawn. Next to the shed, is a golf ball picking machine. The lawn is ornamented with a large number of golf balls. It is blowing a cool east wind. The beach is deserted. We sit in the shelter behind the sand dunes and set up wine, baguette, coffee and cake. A real feast.