Bjäretslingan at Frostavallen offers exciting walking on the remains of a volcano.

April 14, 2012: Turn into the gravel road south of the lake  Dagstorpssjön. After just over a kilometer is a car park with information, toilets, picnic tables. Park the car there. It is five years since I was here last time, then there was no parking lot or the walking trail Bjäretslingan that I will walk today. A 3.3 km walk on a nature trail over the remains of the volcano Ulfsbjär. Appropriate name, feels like it's my mountain. Go south on the road to Sjöhuset, then it's path through the forest. The path is admirably marked with white painted poles. It is not a prepared track, in some places wet and rocky. Coming down in a valley with a dark stream. Then it's up. A sign saying "scree" points for a short deviation from the path. I do, the reward for it is an impressive scree. The stones are beautifully covered with moss. The stones he has probably been used to build the impressive stone wall which runs the edge of the scree.

Returning to the path that continues upward. In the end you approach the top. Here I leave the trail and walk freely through the forest to the highest point, the trail does not. I can see the bottom of the scree, but sees no basalt columns from the active time of the volcano during Jura roughly 180 million years ago. The last time I was up here, walked Skåneleden, I went astray for five minutes. Not so today. Sitting down with a half lunch. A few anemones I what I can see of flowers. Can one walk on the steep slope, well do not dare. Take the trail, which swings in beneath the scree. Ah, I see something up there. Scramble up the slopes. This is probably basalt columns. A smaller and a larger rock. Examining it more closely, I say it is so. Turns around to go down. Oh Oh is it that steep! I nearly fall hit my knee with bloodshed as a result. That hurt.

Get otherwise safely down to the path back to the parking lot. From the car park is a path down to Dagstorpssjön, here goes the Pilgrim Trail and the trail Dagstorpsslingan. At the lake has been built a shelter. Here it is a popular fishing place. Families with children have outing here. I sit down at the lake for the second half of my lunch. More than me are sitting and enjoying the lake view.