north of Eslöv with raspberry farming, cottage plants, shop, cafe..

August 1, 2013: When I was last spring and walked on Bosarps jär north of Eslöv, I saw the sign with Raspberry cottage, and thought that it should be investigated when the raspberries are ripe. Now is the time. I'll take the road through Eslöv, it is slow because I end up behind a tractor through town. The road from Bosarps jär to Raspberry cottage is a gravel road. Crossing railroad tracks, the south mainline. The booms are down, the railroad is busy, several trains pass without the booms have time to go up between. Just after a bend in the road is the sign Raspberry cottage, next to it is a parking lot.

In the field, rows of raspberry plants, it's autumn raspberries that are just starting to mature. At the edge is a beehive, it's activity on the bees. I go down to the red-painted cottage. "Welcome in," it says on the door, so I enter. Fresh raspberries, raspberry pie, raspberry juice, coffee, and the explanation of the beehive: raspberry honey. I can not resist. There are more raspberry products.  I sit in the cottage garden with cottage plants, also available to buy. The cottage is said to be from the 1870s. In bad weather, you can sit in a greenhouse. A tall tree at the croft provide shade.

A cuddly red tigrine kitten goes between the guests at the tables. A family with children arrivewhen I'm looking for a picture. The boy makes ears for me. 'Shame on you, one do not do that' bans his mother. 'But he took a picture of us' he defends himself. But I took no picture. On the way home I end up behind the tractor through Eslöv. When I get home I taste the raspberries. Sweet, delicious, delicious. I eat them all up at once. The honey I save for a later time.

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