Bosarps jär
north of Eslöv is an esker in the open cultivated landscape. Several kilometers long and 20 meters high it offer a nice walk. Nature reserve.

March 21, 2020: Hepatica
An early spring visit. Haven't been here so early in the spring before. Alone in the parking lot. Go up the stairs on the ridge, through a gate. Follow the ridge west. Some Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem, some wood anemones. But no quantities yet. Beautiful towards the ponds below. The trees are always stately. Go through a gate to the more bushy part of the ridge. Take the path below the ridge on the north side. Nothing special. Turns back up the ridge where a road crosses it. Going high up on the slope. Ah, hepatica! That's what we were hoping for. Several small stocks. Is back at the gate towards the grazed part. More hepatica here. Really nice. Go below the ridge on its south side back towards the parking lot. Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem and wood anemone. A smaller company has settled down with coffee.

May 7, 2013: The east.
Park at the rest area which is where the road divides Bosarps jär in two, one part in the west and one to the east. The western I've described before, today it will be the eastern part of the esker. The ridge lies spring green between the arable fields. Walk a short distance on the gravel road that runs along the ridge. Further along the gravel road is a "Raspberry cottage, Raspberry Café and cottage garden" as a sign say (I was there later in the year and a link to my visit are among the links at the bottom of this page). Where the ridge begins is a path up to the crest. A trail follows the ridge. A raven protests above my head, it seems to me that I'm disturbing it. The trees are tinged with green. Below the crest, to east, is a house. Looks exciting, so I go there. Lyran valley is it called, once a dance hall. Today, it quietly abandoned and detoriating (read my story about the visit in Lyran valley through the link at the bottom of this page).

After visiting the Lyran valley I go further on the path below the crest. It's an easy walk winding path past the anemones and beech. A narrow road, well may not even be called road, crosses the ridge. I go out on the highway on the north side of the ridge. Buzz buzz, humblebees buzzing in a flowering maple. They are really diligent. I return on the ridge, continue to its end where there is a house. May of course turn here. Go back up the crest. The foliage has not cracked out to hide the surrounding agricultural landscape. It is beautiful with the delicate greenery. I sit on a tree trunk and have lunch. Then continues on the path up on the crest, which winds through dense vegetation, until the slope of the path down to the gravel road. Between the branches glimpse Bosarp church. I do not have coffee with me, but I drive to Trollenäs castle and cafe Borgstugan there for an afternoon coffee.

October 21, 2012: The west.
On the road between Eslöv and Höör. About 5 kilometers north of Eslöv is Bosarp. Turn right before the church on the road to Stehag. After two kilometers, a dirt road to Hemmingstorp. It split the esker Bosarps jär in two. The ridge was formed by melting of the ice during the last ice age. It is a deciduous forest snake in the agricultural landscape. Now the fall is painting it in crisp bright colors. At the ridge is a parking lot where I park. I walked on the ridge in 1998, and has every year since then planned an autumn visit. That time I posted some pictures on my website, shortly after I got a question, if I had more pictures. I had not, today I will correct it. Too late, no one is likely today interested, but still. It is a hole in my excursion gallery to fill.

Up on the ridge from the parking area is a staircase, in the end a gate into a pasture. A path leads on the ridge beneath bright foliage. The foliage hides effectively the view. It's like walking in a pillared hall. The tree branches extends over the slope. I make a short detour down on the of leaves dressed northern slope, down there on the open land are a few ponds. I walk up again, leaving the pasture through a gate and continue up on the ridge. The ridge becomes more sharp and the trail less visible. I pass something that may have been a view point, now blocked by leaves, a sort of railing is against the edge. See a house in an opening in the foliage. Walking across a dirt road.

Do find something that looks like a path on the other side of the gravel road. I sit on a fallen tree trunk and eat my lunch. The sun illuminates the leaves that is in my view. I continue on my non-existent path. It is most scrubby, but suddenly is a thick beech beside my path. There are a few small openings in the foliage through which one can see the landscape. Do not know if it's a path I follow any longer. Enjoying the leave carpet on the ground. An opening shows the arable land in the south. A yellow house is located on the ridge edge. The ridge narrows, I'm balancing on a knife edge. At a ruined shed I turn down through the dense undergrowth and end up at the highway.

On the south side of the ridge is a narrow dirt road, along the road are houses in a row. I walk on it the way back. The road cuts through the ridge, it is the one I crossed earlier. Leave the road onto a leafy path below the ridge on its northern side. Coming up to the gate into the sheep pasture. Here meets me some sheeps. A tree glows of autumn.

My car has received its share of the autumn collection. The leaves blow away when I drive to Eslöv for a cup of tea on Röstanga Mölla Skafferi. They are about to close for the day but I get time for a cup and is offered a biscotti. A cosy place with flea market decor.

Röstånga Mölla Skafferi
Abandoned dance-floor Lyrans dal
Hallontorpet - raspberry shop, café