Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Västra hamnen

21 November 2009: By train to Malmö. I receive a text messages: 'sitting in the carriage 13, cattle wagon'. My friend's dog is happy to see me. In Malmö we go past the former hydrofoil terminal, and to the University Bridge. At the extension of the bridge is the twisted house Turning Torso visible. Continues up to Krankajen, it is desolate today. Past the school Mediegymnasiet, a large car park, a skateboard track, Malmömässan, and we stand at the Turning Torso.

There are many people who shoot pictures of it. This twisted tower must be Sweden's most photographed residential building. I now belong to this crowd of photographers. Around the house seems to be a pond, but it's just an illusion, a little guy go skateboarding on 'water'. The house turns high above the surrounding area. We go north, along a channel, with reed beds, past tables in the form of surfboards. Arrive at Scaniaparken with some piers. South to Daniaparken. A construction resembles a fortress overlooking the sea, We sit down in a shelter of stone with view towards the sea and the Öresund bridge, eating your own packed lunch.

I need a toilet. There! Clean, odorless, free, Great! In a glass bubble is a garden, in front of it is a stone with water groove. Everywhere is the twisted house watching. It's beautiful weather, many people is in motion on Sundspromenaden. 'A cat', my friend say. It runs away when it sees the dog. I walk down some wooden steps, maybe it shows up there. Meow, nice cat! In a channel is floating houses. Goes along a canal back to the Turning Torso. It is reflected in the water. Must exist many pictures of this view, now there's another one. Moving towards the railway station. In a parking garage is a fitness center. In a large window we see a man training. Excuse me, can not help but take a picture.