in Limhamn with residues from cement manufacture as was previuosly here. In crushing material grows in a steppe landscape dry-resistant plants from different parts of the world. .

July 22, 2017
Train to Malmö. Then bus to the island "Ön" in Limhamn. Going off just before the island. Where is the park? The old cement factory area becomes residential. Some are finished, others are being built. The park should be newly made. Goes towards Ön. Ask. "There is a new park over there, walk past the bus stop, then the first road to the left. " There it lies.

The park is related to cement. Crushed cement as ground cover. Walls of cement. Field with wildmorrhea. Park Plants. Sea-holly, lue Globe-thistle, allium, Lady's Bedstraw, Hellebore, smoke bush. Pine. It's all steppe over it. Beautiful, slightly different and interesting park. In the center a playground. Wooden deck for what? A field for boules. An artwork of tribes laid out as a leaf.

Goes into old Limhamn. Have lunch at a sandwich shop, Limhamns smörgåsbutik at Järnvägsgatan. Then bus to Malmö. Faxes flower bed on Gustav Adolf square with foxglove and grass. There is a loud Palestinian manifestation. Coffee at Agnez Cafe.