Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Lernacken

a coastal walk Bunkeflostrand (meadows) - Lernacken (Öresund Bridge) - Limhamn

18 April 2010: A clear blue sky. Something is missing, but what? No aircraft dash. Icelandic volcanic ash has its advantages. I take the train to Malmö and then bus to Bunkeflostrand south of Malmö. Disembark the bus at the Bunkeflostrand church. Here it is overcasted. Goes through the residential neighborhood to the meadows at the sea. Via a stile do I get in to the today deserted meadows. A ditch blocks, cross again a stile to a bicycle path. Large signs tells about the meadows. Flora, fauna, and birds are described. An elderly man comment it with "Not much to see today '. It is hazy. I leave the bike path and follow a path down to the water. Crossing once again a stile and down to the water's edge. The Öresund Bridge is lost in an arc into the haze over the Sound. Stand at a lagoon for a while and listen to sea birds. Do not see them. Continuing on the path over a stile, pass a Per Albin fort on a path through the reeds to a gravel path. A stile allows me again to come down to the water. The path brings me back to the bike path that goes up on Lernacken. Jogging, walking, cycling, many are out and moving. Some sit and enjoy the view over the meadows to the south. Other take pictures. Leaves the path, and follows a path along the water. Two men try their fishing luck. Scattered sunlight is glistening in the water. The bridge grows. Get back on the walk under the bridge. A young willow has taken root among the rocks. Bypasses what I think was a showroom during the bridge construction. Looks closed out. It is not closed, it is used for conference activities by Luftkastellet. Continuing on the path next to the water to a cycle path. Then I walk along Sibbarp bath with lawns and bathing bridges. Passing the cold bath house (Kallbadhuset), off to the marina in Limhamn. There are no boats in the water, the boats are still on land. I have time with an ice cream in the restaurant Kajutan before busline 32 takes me to the center of Malmö.