Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Långa bryggan

Long Bridge (Långa bryggan) in Bjärred is a 500 meter long pier with open-air baths and a restaurant.

3 July 2010: Take the bus to Bjärred. At the crossing with the highway E6 is there chaos. Police Directs. E6 is off because one is removing a bridge. Get off the bus at Medborgarhuset in Bjärred. Road signs point the way to the Long bridge. At the road to the parking lot is a kiosk with ice cream. The car park is full, cars are circulating in waiting for a free slot. The bridge stretches five hundred meters out into the sea from the beach, it is shallow. There are many signs to keep track of, no dogs, no bike, no fishing,... . At the far end is an open-air bath and a restaurant. I'm going out there. On the way there are ledges to rest and a swim ladder. At the tip is also a fully occupied swim platform. There is a fee to enter the open-air bath, so there I do not enter. Inside the restaurant one is preparing for tonight's guests. I sit down outside with a glass of cold white wine. On one window are there names of all those who sponsored the bridge. Trying the ice-cream bar: choose pistachio, something with coffee and hazelnut in a corent. Walk licking the ice cream back to the bus home.

Bjerred open-air ocean swimming-bath


Towards sea