Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Fiskboden Lomma

21 Feb 2010: Take the bike to the hospital and from there the bus to Lomma. In Lomma I walk to the new library, it's closed today. Equally closed, probably for the season, is the icecream bar outside the library. I walk on the bridge over the frozen river Höjeå. Crossing the bridge and then along the river, it is very icy and slippery. I stay upright and arrive safely to Fiskboden, with a fish shop and fish restaurant. At the quay is a fishing boat moored, it is a supporter of Trelleborgs FF. Go into the restaurant. There are some goodies to choose from, I select the weekend special, poached witch filled with salmon and lobster sauce, for 100 crowns. With a beer. I get a number box and sit down. Look around while I wait for the food. On the wall hang paintings for sale. The box beep and I'll get my witch. Tastes good. I leave through the fish shop. In the counter are many goodies, lumpfish, redfish, lemon sole, plaice, herring ... I buy nothing, I bought my fish yesterday by Lomma fiskbil in the square yesterday. I contine to the beach at Strandpromenaden. An icy cold wind is rolling in from the sea. A surfer defy the cold. Two small dogs thrive also. The waves break up the ice. A man is skiing on the snow beach. Goes up in the lee at the ponds. I am satisfied with the wind and go back to the bus stop.

Fiskboden i Lomma