Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Kullaberg - southwest

12/4 2009: A walk between Mölle and Kullen lighthouse via Ransvik.

By train to Helsingborg where GS connect. Then the bus to Mölle, where we arrive at eleven. Beyond the harbor stretches Kullen. We walk on the road along the coast, looking for Karl XII's skansar, a defence system from the 18th century, but we do not find them. We go out to the water's edge, but it is stony and rugged, so we return to the road again. It ends at Solviken beach. It is a pebbles beach. From here is a path to Ransvik. It is a popular hike, it's more than we who are on the road. The path is sometimes rocky, a little up and down, sometimes helps stairs and railings. It rises steeply to our right. The coast is rocky. Small gnarled yet bare oaks cover the slope, they see wind-torn out. We are at Ransvik at twelve, where we take lunch at Ellens cafe, a pie. Tastes good. Here was once a scandal with common bath for men and women, but it was the turn of the century in 1900. There are photos from that time in the café. We continue on the red trail towards the lighthouse. The trail passes through forest, along a golf course, along the rocky coast, a little up and down, over the heaths with Highland cattle, through a deciduous forest in a depression. The lighthouse appears in front of us. Suddenly we are on a yellow track, how? It ends at the car park below the lighthouse. At the lighthouse are houses rebuild after a fire some year ago. Here is a kiosk and Naturum. We sit down at a table and eat soft ice, which we bought at the kiosk. We return on the red track. On a vertical rock climb people. On the way back, we have the coast with Mölle in focus.

In Mölle we find Karl XII's skansar, a defense plant built in 1715-16. What is seen is some grassy embankments. It is the yearly art round, we look at the exhibtion in the old railway station while waiting for the bus 17.03.