in Fulltofta forests. About the hard life as a poor crofters. Almost forgotten and gone. Still there are ruins left who can tell.

February 28, 2015
Park at Hästhagen. Walk Skåneleden towards Hörby through a beech forest. Passing a tall stump, högstubbe home to many insects. Cyclists, joggers, walkers and dogs are out and moving. The trail runs between stone walls to the ruins of the cottage Kulleröd which was abandoned in the 1930s. One elder, lilac and hazel, remnants of a garden. A well.

Leaves Skåneleden and walk the road from Kulleröd to croft ruins Linnekull. Here it is more open. Stone fences running between the fields. One is a meter wide. Some remains of the wall remains of houses, pig house and stables.

The cottage was abandoned in the 1930s. Surrounded by a stone wall is a cemetery for pets. There are some trees, maybe fruit trees from the croft time. On the other side of the road in the forest is a ruined cellar.

Going back to Hästhagen via the yellow track. Drive to Fulltofta nature center. Eat vegetable pie for lunch. Afterwards shrove bun.

January 17, 2015
Parks at Bjevrödsdammen. Walk Fiskestigen to the bridge over Kvesarumsån. Plenty of water. After the bridge go Skåneleden on the path through the woods to the forest road Ahlqvistslingan.

Just before the trail comes out at Kvarnvägen is located north of the road a croft ruins. Here lived Jöns and Emilie Nilsson with children in late 1800's. One of the children got only four days. The stone foundation is visible. In the middle of a long side is a doorway. In one corner a hill where the stove and the chimney was. Ahlqvist was a later owner of the land.

Turn right on Kvanrvägen. Following Skåneleden. Take a short cut down the path and out on the road Hanavägen. 50 meters away is Hanahus, also called Hunger. It was so poor there. It was a soldier cottage. The last soldier was Jöns Jönsson Holmberg at the end 1800s. The wife Karolina went every day twice to Fulltofta farm to milk cows. 30 kilometers a day.

Skåneleden continues through the forest to the well Hanakällan. The water is supposedly drinkable. On a pole hanging buckets and Skåneleden mugs. For those who dare to try. One time I drank it and got then sudden diarrhea. Dare not today. Water with wetland and adjacent to a muddy trail path. Having lunch and drink coffee instead.

Moving on to Skåneleden. Turns on the trail towards Ekeröd. Where it crosses Kvarnvägen go a way towards Gällahagen. Gällahagen is the ruin of a slightly larger farm. Here are the remains of what was home, a pigsty, a cellar. In what was the kitchen garden should be remains of what was, for example, currant. Difficult to see in the winter. The farm was demolished 1933. A car comes, turns and runs back. Strange. The road ends here.

Going back, taking Kvarnvägen to Bjevröd. Before Kvesarumsån a path south into the woods. Not the best path this time of year. Wet, the bridge over the river is rickety, footbridge are bad and slippery. Trees are above them. Come without mishap to the proper footbridges Fiskestigen.

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