in the converted barn at Kvarröd is a cafe and an interactive exhibition about humans and nature.

September 24, 2011: In to Fulltofta Nature Center leads a narrow dirt road through the forest. Fortunately, it is one-way so you do not riskany  meeting traffic. It opens and I arrive to the nature center's parking lot. The Nature Center is housed in Kvarröds old barn. Adjacent is a pond and some fireplaces. Out on a lawn is a playground. Part of the electricity does it get from solar panels. Go in to the exhibition, about animals and nature and man's use of it. A ruminating cow, you can hear how it chews. A room about fish. An old tractor, above it hang butterflies. Behind doors conceal information about nature. Black Woodpeckers and owls live in forests. A bedbug, common in the past and coming back. A Corner of Her Ladyship's stick, the one who rules over Fulltofta in the past, happy as long as the rabble curtsy. Raptors look down at the cafeteria. I take a cup of tea and a disgusting (i.e. the colour) green cake. It's a hot day, so I put myself outside. The tea goes straight through. Go to the bathroom. What is that noise? It farts, and gurgles there. Aha, sounds, illustrations of what is done here.

Fulltofta Naturcentrum