shoreline along the Ringsjön, with simple bathe, bird watching tower, a pond, oaks.

September 4, 2011: At Fulltofta church is a narrow gravel road down to Ringsjön. At Fiskarehuset it turns to the east, get narrower, and terminates at a parking lot. This is part of Fulltofta nature reserve. I walk the path towards east. Passing a barbecue area. You can swim here, but it's really shallow. Safe for children and families. Bypasses birch and oak groves. Towards Fulltofta village is a large wetland, Gäddängen. From a platform you can look out over the water. From Ringsjön I hear a violent screaming. Flock after flock of geese come flying over the trees and land on Gäddängen. Continue on the path to the bird watching tower overlooking Ringsjön, which is now empty of birds. A winged insect is sitting on the railing of the stairs in the bird watching tower. A red beautiful thing, a dragonfly? Do not know. Going into the pastures to Gäddängen. Encounter cows, where I stop and look out over the water after birds. Nothing. Turn back. It's beautiful pastures, a lot of oak. Between the trunks is a glimpse of Fulltofta church.

Back at the parking lot, I take the path west to the bird watching tower out on a narrow isthmus. Crossing the harbor to the Fiskarehuset, in the past you could buy fish there, how it is today I do not know. The narrow path is through the woods by the lake. Branches and reeds cover the beach. I reach the isthmus. Passing a small sandy beach, have a vague memory that I dipped me there once, there are remnants of a fireplace. At the tip of the peninsula is a small observation tower. Climbing up. Not a lot of birds here either. Return back.

From the parking lot I go into Ekhagen to Gäddängen. There are some old oak trees here. Suddenly all birds fly up and are flying around to re-land on the water. I wonder what happened. Maybe a game they have. Over a stream is a narrow plank. Do I dare? Yes, staggers over, can hold in a weak branch. Get safe across. Go Home.