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Fredriksdal museums and gardens in Helsingborg

The Christmas Fair 2010
5 Dec 2010: Train to Helsingborg. Walk from Knutpunkten to Fredriksdal. Pays 120 in entrance fee, a bit expensive. Wandering around. In woodpiles is a carpet wash, in a stew boil soft soap water for the washing. In the pavilion is it layed for christmas. During ice blocks lit lamps in various colors, music is heard from loudspeakers. Over a fire do I roast apples. Tastes good. In the mansion is an exhibition, e.g. football paintings. In the courtyard stands the Christmas tree. One grill sausage, I eat one. Inside the wings are market stalls, including different dram spices. In a storehouse is it devoted to food tasting. In the corner of a wing one can taste stone oven baked bread from Sånna farm.  Pigeons huddle in a window. The cattle are out grazing in the pastures in the snowfall.  Grilled wild garlic sausage! That one muste taste. In a barn is Gloria's apple farm in Lund with its apple products, including mulled wine made of apple. Smithy shows silver, adolescents account for the music. Ågård is a small cottage from the 1800s. Inside tells a woman about the Christmas food of that time. Not so much as of today . Continuing to the City Quarter. Take a break in the temporary café in Kulturmagasinet. Moving on to the Graphic Museum. Interesting with the old type press. Buy some Christmas cards. It's snowing, snow-covered pines give a Christmas spirit. Walk around in the streets, looking in at the garden shop. It's time to get back home. Over the path hang symbolic icicles, lights up at dusk.

3 July 2009: I buy Skånetrafiken summer card and take the train to Helsingborg. The air conditioning in the train does not work. It's hot. I'm tired already when walking up the stairs to the castle Kärnan. I meet my friend and we eat a salad lunch at the Aldas café before the visit to Fredriksdal. Entry fee is 80 kronor. In the Rose Garden does it bloom, this weekend will there be a rose party. We continue to the useful plants, love herbs, poisonous plants used by the witches, and medicinal plants. Our five grains: wheat, triticale, rye, barley, and oats. In the vegetable garden is the theme "food in squares", ten chefs cultivate their favorite commodities. In the main building is the table layed. We have coffee and carrot cake in the shade under the trees in the garden café. Goes past a field with hay arranged to dry. In Lillarydsgården can one see how they lived before, far from today's standard. On the way to the city part there is a smithy, Harlyckesmedjan. In the city are a dentist, hairdresser, graphic museums and old-fashioned shop. Today's artisans are also here. In a street-corner stands Olympia grill. The sausage kiosk with sausage and mash is already a cultural object. Soon will the show at the outdoor theater begin. The audience has picnic while waiting for admittance. We have no ticket. Go home.

Eva Rydberg - Fredriksdal theatre


Rose garden


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