Vätteryd grave field
with stone ships from the late Iron Age situated on Highway 23 south of Sösdala.

20 June 2009: It's a long time since I passed here. The Vätteryd grave field is located south of Sösdala along the highway 23. Then had a coffee shop just opened next to the field. The café (Café Breve) still exists, but is closed today. Probably because it is Midsummer Day, but there is no sign about it. The grave field is fenced and grazed by sheep. Into the ground is a ribboned entrance that prevents the sheeps to get out . The field, which is from the late Iron Age, was in use around 550-900 AD. There are a large number of standing stones and more than ten stone ships. When excavations were done was fire graves found. Most of the ships are damaged, on the gentle slope towards the road is an almost complete ship. In the northern part dominates heather, and here are most of the stones. To the south are single stones and a few ships. Probably there are stones in the stone walls that exist. In a grove of trees lies the sheep at a portion of a ship. I lean against a large stone and eat lunch standing up. My back is bad, though I am able to sit down, I would not come up again. Then there would be one more ancient onument here. More interested of this place? No, they only exercise the dog. Between the road and the field is a narrow gravel road, in between are some stones. Also north of the fence are stones.

I drive home through Fulltofta Nature Center to ask about the new circular route along the Skåneleden trail and if the cottage Ramstorp can be rented. Closed midsummer.