Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Örsjöstenen

'Örsjöstenen' is a rune stone in a garden at Örsjö church.
15 May 2010: Morning clouds hang heavy. Consider to cancel my day. Plan to drive to Rydsgård, between Skurup and Ystat, and watch football, and on the way to study the rune stone standing in a garden next to Örsjö church. It looks as if the clouds have a tendency to give up, I run away. At Romeleåsen does the clouds thicken again, and it is drizzling rain from the heavy clouds when I park at Örsjö church west of Rydsgård. A church from the 1100s with an unusually broad tower. It is said to be fine murals inside, but the church is locked, so they may be without me. Go to the northeast corner of the cemetery. A few meters from the wall, between the trees inside the garden to a farm, there is a rune stone 'Örsjöstenen'. I slip into the garden, greenery hides me and my striped umbrella. The stone was used for a while as stairs, and is therefore worn. 'Tumme raised this stone after Hanved, his brother, (a) very good fighter ', so reads the inscription according to my book. The stone seems a little sunken in the ground, the bottom part of the rune signs is invisible and half hidden by anemones.


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