Mala stones
Iron Age burial ground situated on an oak-covered height at Mala north of Hässleholm.

13/4 2009: Up to Finjasjön is there a clear blue sky, there do I drive into the fog. North of Hässleholm takes me the old road between Vankiva and Mala to Mala stones. After some kilometers is Mala stones, a burial dating from 600-900 AD It is beautifully situated in a grove with oaks along the road, and with views over fields. There is a small car park where I put the car. It is also possible to run over a cattle-grid and put the car up on the hill. There is a prepared path around the grave field, adapted for wheelchairs. Good enough with a pram too. It winds between the blocks. The field consists of a number of stone ships and stones. It is much heather, it's probably beautiful when it flowers. The sun dissolves the clouds, it feels warmer. I sit down in a ship with a stone as an excellent seat and eat lunch. A car comes up and park. More than me who are interested in this place? No, they go into the spruce next to the field to exercise the dog. I finish eating, stroll around and look at the ships and rocks. Something similar to a bank and hollow road runs through the area. I drive to Hässleholm to drink coffee and eat Easter cake with my sister and family.