Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Hjärup

28/12 2008: I take the train to Hjärup 10.51. At home is the fog, in the city the sun is shining, in Hjärup fog rolls in. I go to Hjärupsvä:gen where the rune stone stands on a stone heap in a garden. Appropriately is the name of the farm Stenhögen (Stone heap). The rune stone is towards the road. On a plate is information about the stone given. 'Namne erected the stone after Tike, his brother, he died in the west'. It looks suspicious enough where I stand and take photographs of the garden and house. I excuse me for a man with a dog that comes on the road, but he is more interested in the squirrel that run around in the trees. I go to the station through the villa district. Many of the electricity cabinets have artistic paintings of landscapes, not graffiti but classical art. 12.04 do the train bring me home.