Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Gladsaxehus

Gladsaxehus, a ruin of a medieval royal estate.

25 April 2010: Bus halt Järrestad. I walk the road to Gladsax, 3 miles north of Järresta. To the west of the road is a rock with petroglyphs in a field. There is nothing at the road that informs about their existence. I pass the wingless Skånberg windmill today used as a summer residence. Arrive to the village Gladsax. A pointer 'Gladsaxehus' is pointing to the meadow behind the church, whose oldest parts are from the 1100's. At the meadow is the ruin after Gladsaxehus royal estate, a sign informs about the history of the ruin. Gladsaxehus is first mentioned in the 1300's. Today, the remains are in the form of a heap of stones. One can barely see the walls, but most inside are stones. The house may not have been particularly large. It has a certain connection with the cathedral in Lund, the owner Mrs. Ide Pedersdatter Falk donated in 1398 an altar screen. It is still seen in the cathedral. I leave Gladsax and walk to the rock carvings.

Linnk: Gladsaxehus - en medeltida länsborg