Magle wetland
in Hässleholm with landscaped treatment ponds, recreational area for people and bird-rich.

5 April 2010: I am to visit my relatives in Hässleholm. Stop by at Magle wetland. Manmade landscaped ponds with bird life, next to Södra Kringelvägen where there is parking. Between the dams are footpaths. Since these are treatment ponds is it not appropriate to fish, it is also forbidden. In the southeastern corner is a small car parking and barbecue area. A coot is swimming in a pond. Goes up on the bird watching platform, I look through my binoculars and is studying the bird life. Swans, geese of various kinds. A common goldeneye is slipping past. Do not know much about birds, I have to look them up in my bird book. It's probably a couple of Red-breasted Merganser passing by. Many humans are on the move. Jogging, cycling, walking. A large bird is flying over the ponds, perhaps an osprey? A girl makes me company, a moment later her mother and dog join. I'm pleased with the company. Goes up the hill behind the bird platform. Large nest boxes are mounted on the trees. To the west is a swamp. A path leads to a hide. I sit a while in there. Not much to hide from right now. In the southern part is the trail Skåneleden and a riding path. Horses, with rider, are galloping past. I trot to the car.