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January 4, 2009: Pompeji exhibition in Hässleholm culture house.
Decide to go to Hässleholm to see the exhibition 'Pompeii at the table' in the culture house. It is slippery, I am sliding down with the bike to the train at 10:42. The Culture House cafeteria 'Curious' is inspired by Pompeii and have food related to Italy. I choose pasta carbonara with a hot chilipesto sauce for 69 SEK. It tastes great. Then I put myself in the queue for tickets, which is long for the guided tour at 12 noon. Admission costs 80 SEK and ten for the writtem guide, which turns out to be good to have. In the exhibition hall at the tourist information are images from Pompeii. Pompeii exhibition is upstairs. At the entrance to the exhibition are copies of those that did not have time to escape. The showroom is small, the guided tour will fill up. I listen with one ear on the guide, with the second I turn on a deaf ear, reading the tutorial with one eye, with the second, I look at the objects. It is an interesting exhibition about the joys of table, its objects and tools. All is well preserved. It beeps intermittently, it is when someone leans over fences which make the alarm sounds. First, you enter the yellow salon. In the center is a circle with amphoras. The cupboards in the walls are cooking utensils as grill skewer and stews. To Thermopolium did one go to eat at midday, a sort fast food place. In a triclinium is a masonry bed, here one had dinner lying. I end up in the Blue Salon. Here you'll find beautiful glass and silver objects. The last thing I study before the end is Larariet, the home altar where they sacrificed to to the gods, with pictures of such as pig's head and snakes.

I'm going to listen to a lecture on Skåne in the Iron Age, but it's false advertising. It's not a lecture but a slide show, making it less interesting. I get confused about the ticket home which cost SEK 0, but realise that it becomes so when traveling within three hours. The exhibiton end January, 18 2009.

Hässleholms kulturhus